Kashaya - English


winiwini´adjpregnantʔima·ta wíniwini ʔima·tapregnant womanwini cádelaI see a pregnant person2.6.3.1Pregnancy4.1.2Types of people
wišawiša´adpabove, eastCompareqali· 2highwina· 1aboveCompoundwišalieast eastwišatowabovewiša·higher up along surfacewiša·hcawupper roomwiša·ma·overlandDerivativeqʼowišalMussel Rise
wiša šiʔbawiša šíʔbanupper body2.1BodyComparebida šiʔbalower bodywina šiʔba 1top of bodywiša·higher up along surfacešiʔbabody
wišalwišálFree Variant ofwiša·higher up along surface
wišaliwišalí1adveast, in or to any area to the east8.5.2.8North, south, east, west2nthe east; any area to the east, especially the Russian River valley, which lies to east of Kashaya territory8.5.2.8North, south, east, westCompoundwihša lahwalacross to eastwišalilto eastʔašo· wišalisoutheast southeastNominal Phrasecuhula wišalinortheast northeastwišaabove=liLOC
wišalilwišalíladvto, towards the east8.5.2.8North, south, east, westComparewiša·lilupwardsFree Variantwišalilhqʰacwišalieast east-lALL
wišalilhqʰacwišalílhqʰaʔFree Variant ofwišalilto east
wišatowwišatówadpabove, on the upward or uphill sideto· wišátowabove me on the hillmiʔkʰe ʔahca wíšatow hiʔda ʔdama·cʰthe road is above your househuʔú· wišatowabove eyes (on forehead)wišato· ʔahca ʔel milú· macigo in the upper housewišaabove=tow2side
wiša·wiša·´advhigher up, upwards along a surface, at a slant, at a higher elevation but still on the grounddono wina·on the hillwiša· qʰale qolawthe trees are standing up there (above us on ground)ʔoho wiša· má·cime· ʔa cadamI see the fire burning up on the hillwišal kiwíʔ waqa·ciwišá· ...go a little higherwišal minwiša· mina little farther upwiša· cóhtowe· ʔahcathe house stands higher up than herewišal waqa·ciwiša· waqa·cigo up higher8.2.6.3HighFree VariantwišalCompoundqahšimʔwiša·Hill Bunchgrass Ridgewiša šiʔbaupper bodywiša·lilupwardsDerivativepʰohmo wiša·Pohmo Risewišaabove-LOC
wiša·hcawwišahcáwnupper room, upstairs6.5.2.8Floor, story8.5.2.4UpCompareqali·hcawupstairswišaaboveʔahcahouse room of house container
wiša·lilwiša·líladvupwards8.5.2.4UpComparewišalilto eastwiša·higher up along surface=liLOC-lALL
wiša·ma·wiša·má·advoverlandmulido be·li wiša·ma· pʰiloloʔkʰe ma·cal ṭʰaʔbamciw ˉ qʼoʔo báhṭʰe maneʔkʰe tol ˆ.it happened that they were to come up here overland for a big dance8.šaaboveʔama·1land, world sky, weather place ground
*wit-Plural of*witwirl
witʰicwitʰíʔnCat's Ear, Fairy Lantern (species of wild potato)witʰicʼ é· muit's a Cat's Earwitʰicʼ ínsʼe· muit seems to be a Cat's Earwitʰíʔ balaythe color of the flower when it first showsblueish? flower and seed; when it shows the rain will stop; if someone picks it, it will rainCalochortus amabilis (Lily Family)Fd. The bulb (hiʔbu) of this plant was baked and eaten in the same manner as the corm 'of Ithuriel's Spear. G.S. April-June1.5PlantComparebimu·type of Indian potatohiʔbubulb; potatohubababulb sp.kʼoyoʔyo 1Habenaria lilyNominal Phrasewitʰiʔ cohto· meṭApril shower
witʰiʔ cohto· meṭwitʰíʔ cohto· meʔnApril shower8.4.1.4Month1.1.3.3RainwitʰicCat's Ear; Fairy Lantern*cohtolong object stand on groundmeṭtime when
wiywíynstick of grass game (black or marked)wiyé· muwíye· muit's the black grass game stickwíyinsʼe· muit must be the black grass game stickwíyʔtʰine· muit's not the black grass game stick4.2.6.1Game
wiyawiya´nsmall oakwiya qʰále ʔelliname of two places: 1. east of Soda Springs, 2. first turn east of reservation1.5.1Tree
wiyi1wiyi´ntop (spinning toy)wiyi ʔem muwiwthe top is spinning (in one place)4.2.7Play, funComparetsimzoomwiyuacorn of Oregon oak
wiyi2wiyi´Dialectal Variant ofwiyuacorn of Oregon oak
wiyi qʰalewiyi qʰálenOregon oakQuercus GarryanaFd. The acorn was gathered and prepared in much the same way as the tan oak acorn. Although it was not as favored as tan oak, black oak, or live oak acorns, it was an important supplement to the supply. The acorn is called wiyi "oregon oak acorn" or biʔdu, the general term for any acorn. G.S. Fall1.5.5Parts of a plantwiyuacorn of Oregon oakqʰale1tree, plant
wiyuwiyu´nacorn of Oregon oak1.5.5Parts of a plantComparewiyi1topSynonymbiʔduacornyuhšiy 1acorn of black oakyuʔcʼiacorn of coast live oakDialectal Variantwiyi2Compoundwiyi qʰaleOregon oak
wiʔsʼiwiʔsʼi´nJerusalem cricket; potato bugStenopelmatus sp.
wi·nuwí·nunwinewi·nu kʼisred wine5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage< Span. vino
*wo-v-instrscatter object into pieces; decompose into; agitate or stir up pieces7.5.1.1Separate, scatter8.3.7.8DecayCompare*woṭagitate*yoṭstir upFrequentative*cowocowoagitate little pieces in water*siwosiwodecompose in waterPrefixed*cowocowoagitate little pieces in water*siwosiwodecompose in water
*wohtolaPlural of*walaone go down possess, enter