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*wohtoqPlural of*hwoqflow
*woloqwolóʔ1v-mvtone come up to herewoló·qocome up!woló·qodu·cedukeep coming up!Synonym*da·lohqa 1two come up*hayohmaloqsev. come up*pʰiloloqgroup come up2vrun out*waone go-aloqup hither
*wolo·qocʼwoló·qoʔv-mvtone come up out ofSynonym*dalo·qocʼqa 1two come up out of*hayohmalo·qocʼsev. come up out of*pʰilolo·qocʼ2group come up out of*waone go-aloqocʼup out
wolsawolsa´Dialectal Variant ofwo·lsapocket purse
wolwarawólwaranpowder, gunpowderwólwara cuʔtʼatiʔ ʔoʔstill patting powder on (yet)pólwara cuʔtʼatiʔ ʔoʔstill patting powder on (yet)mú·ncu wé·noʔaná· qʼoʔdifrom Sp. de mucho buenopó·lwaragunpowder5.4.2Cosmetics4.8.3.7Weapon, shootFree Variantpolwarapo·lwara< Span. pólvora
wolʔwowólʔwonbadger1.ʔwomobadger hole
wolʔwomowólʔwomonbadger holewólʔwomo ʔelli(place name)1.6.5Animal home1.2.1.5Undergroundwolʔwobadgerʔimohole
*woqwóʔv-mvt1one come out toward herewoqocome out!woqó·duce·dukeep coming out!2one come northward or westward to here, come from the south or eastSynonym*da·hqa2 1two come out*hayohmaqʷ 1sev. come out*pʰiloq 1group come outLocativewoqollispring*waone go-aqʷout hither N/W hither
*woqocʼwoqóʔv-mvtone go out from here (without reference to cardinal direction)mensʼiba ʔuhwa· woqócʼba mi· to ʔul bicʼula·du having gone outside, she yelled from there7.2.3.3LeaveCompare*da·qocʼqa 1two go out*hayohmaqocʼsev. go out*pʰiloqocʼgroup go out*waone go-aqocʼout hence
woqolliwoqóllinplace where water comes out but does not flow away; a springmi·li ʔahqʰa woqollithere where the water comes out1.3.1.4Spring, well*woqone come out one come N or W
wote·yawoté·yanbottle5.2.1.4Food storage6.7.7Container< Span. botellaCompoundmaʔa wote·yajar
woti·nwotí·nnboot; any shoe above the ankle5.3Clothing< Span. botín
woto·nwotó·nnbutton5.3.6Parts of clothingComparemisʼimʔliskewermisʼita·maʔlipin< Span. botónCompoundwoto·n ʔimobutton hole
woto·n ʔimowotó·n ʔimonbutton hole (in button or cloth)5.3.6Parts of clothingwoto·nbuttonʔimohole
*woṭ-v-instragitate (liquid), roilCompare*woscatter into pieces*yoṭstir upwoṭoagitated, muddyDerivativewoṭoagitated, muddyPrefixed*cowoṭagitate (liquid)*cʰiwoṭstir with handle*dawoṭstir with hand*dowoṭrile with fingers*dowoṭrile with fingers*hiwoṭstir water with body*mawoṭstir with foot*miwoṭstir with foot/spoon*mowoṭagitate liquid by throwing*qawoṭagitate*siwoṭstir up water
woṭowoṭo´adjriled, agitated (liquid); muddy, roiled (water)ʔahqʰa wóṭo ~ qʰa wóṭomuddy, roiled waterʔahqʰa ʔél soh woṭo cowoṭi·biʔthe water became riled and muddy1.3.2.5Calm, roughCompare*woṭagitateEssive*woṭom(water) be roiled*woṭagitate
*woṭomwoṭómʔv(water) be roiled, riled, disturbed; get muddyʔahqʰa ʔém woṭomʔ the water had started to rile1.2.2.1Soil, dirt1.3.2.5Calm, roughCompare*siwoṭstir up waterwoṭoagitated, muddy
wowʔmim-animbow wow; cry of dogwowʔ wowʔbow wow1.6.4.3Animal sounds
*wo·l-v-instrbe soft, yieldingComparelawo·2limpPrefixed*biwo·lbe soft in arms*dowo·lfeel soft to fingers*mawo·lfeel soft to foot*mowo·lmake soft by hitting*siwo·lbecome soft by water thin and stickyTemplate Cvdi·wolʔwoperson walking limber
wo·lsawó·lsan1pocket5.3.6Parts of clothing6.7.3Carrying tool2purse6.7.7.1BagDialectal Variantwolsa< Am. Span. bolsa "pocket" (cf. Span. "bag, purse")Compoundwo·lsa haʔdapocket watch
wo·lsa haʔdawó·lsa haʔdanpocket watch8.4.4.2Clock, watchComparedo·law haʔdawatchhaʔda qawiwatchwo·lsapocket pursehaʔdasun clock
wuwinterjsaid on being suddenly scared
wu·ruwú·runburrowú·ru tʰine· muthat's not a burro1. animals< Span. burro