si-sipref-instrby water. Because of its chemical and physical properties not because it is flowing, indicated by {cu-}, nor because of wave action, indicated by {da-}. The meaning includes: ‘by wetting, dissolving, slipping (because of the slickness of wet objects), floating (because of water’s buoyancy, not because it is flowing), by rain,’ and by many actions of the tongue such as ‘by licking, drinking, sucking, whispering, etc.’Derivative*sihqalhlick offDirectional*sihpʰuṭaybe unable to finish drinking*sihqʰayʔmaslide across on something wet and slick*siʔkʼucaycling to when wetDurative*sikʼo·yadbe rocking or swayingEssive*siṭʰe·mfly with wings spreadFrequentative*sicʼesicʼetake one quick sip after another*sihcʰosihcʰocwear out by water*sihcʰusihcʰucrumble by water*sihkosihkowiggle of tooth*sihqʰasihqʰa2barely to taste what is drunk*sihqʰasihqʰa1rub, slide in water*silesileforget because drunk*simesimesprinkle (rain)*siwosiwodecompose in water*siʔkʼisiʔkʼigiggle*siʔlasiʔlalick repeatedly and quickly*siʔṭʼosiʔṭʼomake sucked /ṭ/ noiseIterative*sihcʰahcʰasoften by water*sihcʰohcʰocwear out by water*sihcʰuhcʰuwash away*sihkihkibe breezy light wind*sihkohkotooth hanging loose*sihkʰahkʰa2whisper*sihkʰahkʰa1stained with water*sihkʰuhkʰucrumble with water*sihlihlicerode bank of river or road*sihmohmoroll around with tongue*sihpahpabe smeared all over or in spots by water*sihqʰahqʰabarely taste what is drunk*sihqʰohqʰosnort*sihsihsimake into pieces by water*sihtahtatap, hit lightly with water*sihṭʰihṭʰioverdo by wetting*sihṭʰuhṭʰulick or rain to wash mud off board*sihwehwevibrate easily*sihyuhyuerode*siʔcʼeʔcʼewater breaks pieces off*siʔcʼoʔcʼocut around edges with scissors*siʔcʼuʔcʼubreak into pieces with water*siʔkʼiʔkʼinearly erode through with water*siʔkʼoʔkʼocdripping water to erode depression*siʔloʔlotalk fast*siʔpʼoʔpʼocdrink up everything*siʔtʼoʔtʼomake repeated sucking dental stops*siʔtʼuʔtʼusuck*siʔṭʼoʔṭʼosound of hitting lightly by waterPrefixed*siba·lbe licking*sibetgrope with tongue*sibo·llick out hollow*sibo·mfloat*sicebe held by suction*sico·lbecome smelly when wet*sicʰa·grasp with tongue*sicʰito chap from water*sicʰi·ṭsuck out suction*sicʰulsuck food out from between teeth*sicʼalstuck papers separate in water*sicʼa·ṭtaste green and sour*sicʼesicʼetake one quick sip after another*sicʼi·ṭdrink together*sicʼo·transform by water*sicʼo·mwet in two*sicʼu·break with water*sidahcʰihqapush with water*sihcecobstruct water*sihcoget wet wet*sihcʰaknock over with tongue*sihcʰahcʰasoften by water*sihcʰeact in many places with water*sihcʰibe kissed too much drink lots*sihcʰohcʰocwear out by water*sihcʰosihcʰocwear out by water*sihcʰotbe too full to finish drinking, etc.*sihcʰuhcʰuwash away*sihcʰusihcʰucrumble by water*sihkelhwash with water*sihkihkibe breezy light wind*sihkohkotooth hanging loose*sihkosihkowiggle of tooth*sihkotʰcisoap or ice to disappear by sitting in water*sihkʰahkʰa2whisper*sihkʰahkʰa1stained with water*sihkʰemove with tongue*sihkʰichoke*sihkʰiṭʼchoke from something swallowed*sihkʰuhkʰucrumble with water*sihlabacut by water*sihlakʼatlights flash*sihlihlicerode bank of river or road*sihlowash off*sihlokʼbend by wetting*sihmohmoroll around with tongue*sihmoybreak up with water*sihnattaste*siholfeel for something with tongue*sihpahpabe smeared all over or in spots by water*sihpanhcompress with water*sihpolpolomake holes with water*sihpʰaqʼinterior of surface break by water*sihpʰatʼcigo flat from water*sihpʰa·šmasag inward by water*sihpʰitʼcitear by water*sihpʰukʼutsink into water or mud*sihpʰuṭaybe unable to finish drinking*sihqabe used to drinking*sihqaltaste bland*sihqʰahqʰabarely taste what is drunk*sihqʰalhlick lightly*sihqʰamaccompany lead singer breath noisily*sihqʰasihqʰa2barely to taste what is drunk*sihqʰasihqʰa1rub, slide in water*sihqʰaṭtear by getting wet*sihqʰayʔmaslide across on something wet and slick*sihqʰohqʰosnort*sihqʰolhliquid to soak through*sihsihsimake into pieces by water*sihsilhget sliver in tongue*sihsimqaextinguish with water*sihsokʼotspurt with wetting*sihsommess up with water ?*sihsoṭdisappear*sihšolhcome loose by water*sihtaliquid diffuse*sihtahtatap, hit lightly with water*sihtaytaste*sihtenhbe flattened from being wet*sihteywater knock over group*sihtontolobe soaking wet*sihṭonṭolowash out inside*sihṭʰatear open with watersihṭʰeflared*sihṭʰeyʔflare*sihṭʰihṭʰioverdo by wetting*sihṭʰinhcure by sucking*sihṭʰolhwear through with water*sihṭʰuhṭʰulick or rain to wash mud off board*sihwatʼflop from water*sihwehwevibrate easily*sihweldrink incessantly*sihwe·nshake with water*sihwitselect and lick*sihye·stop drinking*sihyolmix for drinking*sihyoqʰget wet and spill*sihyuhyuerode*sikelsucking doctor to cure uncurl hair in water*sike·ṭremove edge by licking*siki·lair*siki·šstretch over surface from water*siko·lfeel dizzy, vertigo*siku·ṭget dizzy, drunk drunk, dizzy*sikʰelcicʼdisappear*sikʰistretch by sucking*sikʰu·lfeel rough in liquid*sikʼallight go off*sikʼaṭʰicsplit open from being ripe*sikʼa·ntilt by water*sikʼi·get tongue cut*sikʼi·ṭcough with gasps*sikʼo·mdrink up*sikʼo·ṭlick clean*sikʼo·yadbe rocking or swaying*sikʼumdrink to excess*sikʼuyfeel dizzy*silacmake cutting mistake*silesileforget because drunk*silicstir with tongue*siloqʼoʔboctire out*silo·be soggy from soaking*silulick and coat*simesimesprinkle (rain)*simhmictaste correctly*siminotice different taste*sina·cover by fog*sina·mdrownsipaṭfine*sipaṭʰcifill hole with water*sipa·ṭʰcistick patch on*sipemparticles settle in liquid silt*sipo·šbe bloated*sipʰo·drink frequently*sipʼilseparate out fine particles fine-textured*siqambecome clear be pure clear, pure*siqollick *siqʰaldisappear*siqʰattreat with water*siqʰa·2get cut in tongue*siqʰa·2get cut in tongue*siqʰa·1rain to knock off cut with something really sharp*siqʰa·2get cut in tongue*siqʰa·ṭtaste good*siqʰolsuck in*siqʰo·ṭsnore*sisedislike drinking*sise·lclean with water*siso·lswirl in water*sisutwhistle*sisʼaleach out*sisʼa·break with water*sisʼa·lsuck out*sisʼulmake smooth and shiny by water*sisʼuyget pointed from water*sisʼu·l1make rise by water*sisʼu·sʼucget soaking wet*sišudtaste unfamiliar*sitašget soft and mushy from water*situlstraighten in water*situ·tstagger dizzy*sitʼulsqueeze out with tongue, not suck in*siṭiuproot with water*siṭi·šliquid stretch something tight*siṭʰa·lciget bright*siṭʰe·spread by wind; wings spread*siṭʰe·lspread from point*siṭʰilstretch out from water*siṭʼamacʼflash*siṭʼansuck*siṭʼa·suck on*siṭʼa·šwet hair to keep off forehead*siṭʼemwater move too slowly*siṭʼo·suck sore*siṭʼusink into water*siṭʼulcidisappear under water disappear by floating*siṭʼunlick something slimy*siwaṭʰweaken with water*siwayawaken by water*siwosiwodecompose in water*siwoṭstir up water*siwo·lbecome soft by water thin and sticky*siya·mbe unable to finish drinking*siyemove, hold by sucking*siyoṭstir up water*siʔba2cut pattern razor*siʔbalhciturn with tongue*siʔbo2swell from getting wet*siʔbo1float or sail in group*siʔbotʼsoften by water*siʔcʼabacrack with water*siʔcʼanhstick*siʔcʼetcut away by water cut off small piece with scissors*siʔcʼeʔcʼewater breaks pieces off*siʔcʼolhmake hole by water*siʔcʼondetach by water*siʔcʼoqʰotsuck off*siʔcʼoʔcʼocut around edges with scissors*siʔcʼuʔcʼubreak into pieces with water*siʔdi2get splinter in tongue*siʔdi1land a boat*siʔduwdiffuse by water*siʔkʼacrack by water*siʔkʼanhlean by water*siʔkʼayʔcifloat around and get stuck in*siʔkʼisiʔkʼigiggle*siʔkʼiʔkʼinearly erode through with water*siʔkʼobe struck by liquid*siʔkʼoʔkʼocdripping water to erode depression*siʔkʼufinish drinking*siʔkʼucaycling to when wet*siʔlawʔcilick, slurp quickly*siʔloʔlotalk fast*siʔne·cicʼused to liquid taste*siʔpʼanhsuck something closed*siʔpʼoʔpʼocdrink up everything*siʔqʼacfit tightly by water*siʔsʼonhdent with water*siʔtʼataste*siʔtʼelbe not enough to drink*siʔtʼeypush down with water*siʔtʼoʔtʼomake repeated sucking dental stops*siʔtʼunhconstrict with water*siʔtʼutʰustick together by sucking*siʔtʼuʔtʼusucksiʔṭidizzily staggering*siʔṭistagger *siʔṭʼawʔducinjure severely by water*siʔṭʼemake mark by water dripping or colored liquid*siʔṭʼemake mark by water dripping or colored liquid*siʔṭʼelhpart by water*siʔṭʼenṭʼeleflatten by sucking*siʔṭʼeʔṭʼesuck drysiʔṭʼiwarped*siʔṭʼosiʔṭʼomake sucked /ṭ/ noise*siʔṭʼoʔṭʼosound of hitting lightly by water*siʔṭʼubutbasket sinks*siʔwesoften groundsiʔwewobbly*siʔya·qrecognize flavor of liquid*siʔyosiʔyolap up*si·sqʰacbe cleared by water*šuʔṭʼubutsubmerge with handleReflexive*sikʰelcicʼdisappear*siṭʼamacʼflashSemelfactive*sihcecobstruct water*sihkotʰcisoap or ice to disappear by sitting in water*sihlihlicerode bank of river or road*sihpʰatʼcigo flat from water*sihpʰitʼcitear by water*sikʰelcicʼdisappear*silicstir with tongue*sipaṭʰcifill hole with water*siṭʼulcidisappear under water disappear by floating*siʔbalhciturn with tongue*siʔkʼayʔcifloat around and get stuck in*siʔkʼoʔkʼocdripping water to erode depression*siʔlawʔcilick, slurp quickly*siʔpʼoʔpʼocdrink up everything